Robert Hill started his talk Popular, Appealing and Effective Learning at five o’clock. There were more than one hundred people present. The head of the office in Peru, Rosemary Carbonel, introduced him although most of the teachers already knew about his amazing background. Profesor Robert Hill began with a little review from last year’s conference because this one was going to be a continuation of the first.

The image projected on the screen showed posters of films which he used to answer the question: What makes literary stories popular and appealing? Furthermore, he used these images to give the teachers some strategies for the classroom, to make the class a little more interesting by showing the students the posters and asking them questions and getting them to come up with titles for the posters. The lecture was so interesting that no one moved from their seat during its entire duration.

After a nice coffee break, during which the teachers talked among themselves about the talk and how interesting it was, the three simultaneous workshops began. More than thirty teachers in each room listenend to María Kovacs (C’mon be serious; humor is a worthy business in class), Johanna Villacres (Task-based Reading Activities); Geraldine Delta (The Importance of Creativity in Writing). At the end, one could overhear the good comments and reviews from the teachers leaving with a smile on their faces because had been a productive afternoon. They had acquired new strategies and activities for the classroom; and that was very important.


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